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Landscape Lighting Can Transform The Appearance Of Your Property At Night

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When you invest a lot of time and money on beautiful landscaping, you don't want shadows to hide it at night. By installing the right landscape lights, your property will be beautiful both day and night. Landscape lights accent highlights of your home and yard to dramatically change the way your home looks when the sun goes down. Hiring a professional light designer is the best way to get the results you want. Here are some lighting design ideas.

Start With Walkways

Lights long walkways add safety and illumination. Walkways are also the perfect place to start a lighting design. Path lights cast soft pools of light that outline the hardscapes on your property. You can add lights on all your walkways and along your driveway or just along the entry to your house. When you decide on how many path lights you want and where they'll be placed, the designer can determine how to add lighting to the rest of your property.

Highlight Focal Points

Uplights, downlights, and spotlights are useful for drawing attention to focal points in your yard. If you have a water fountain, sitting area, pretty tree, plant bed, or large boulder in your yard, you can focus light on it to give it a dramatic appearance at night. You can use soft white light or a colored light such as pink, blue, or yellow. These lights allow your favorite landscaping plants and trees to be seen at night rather than being hidden by darkness.

Wash Your Home In Lights

Floodlights cast a wide glow that can be used to wash over the walls of your home at night. This illuminates your home from a distance so people can see your house from the street. Wall lights add security, and they have an interesting effect when your home has unique architecture that you want to highlight. Spotlights can be used on the side of your home as well. These focus light so it is confined to a focal point while other areas of the wall are in shadows so the artistic feature is put on display.

The landscape lighting the designer recommends will depend in large part on the features you have in your yard and if you want the light as a form of décor or mainly for security. Just like interior decorating, having a plan and professional design for landscape light placement is important for a polished result. The lights should all complement each other as well as the features of your home and yard for the most beautiful effect at night. For more information, contact a local company that offers landscape lighting design