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3 Reasons To Choose Laminate Countertops

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If you are in the process of building a new home, or if you are remodeling your kitchen, then you are going to have a lot of fun choices to make when it comes to the materials used in your kitchen. One important choice that you will need to make is what kind of countertops you would like. There are several different materials that countertops can be made out of, many of which are going to look and function well. An excellent option is laminate. This article is going to discuss 3 reasons to choose laminate countertops. 


Laminate countertops not only look great, but they are also very affordable. While stones such as granite and marble are going to be extremely expensive, laminate is going to be about 1/4 the cost. For example, a slab of granite is going to cost around $4,400, while a slab of laminate is going to be much less, costing around $1,575. This is a wonderful option if you would like to get some new countertops, but don't have a huge budget to do so. 

Easy To Clean

Since you will likely be using your kitchen countertops all of the time, you will to need to clean them all of the time. Having countertops that are difficult to clean can make cleaning them incredibly difficult and very time consuming. Laminate countertops are going to be very easy to clean because they are a solid structure without any cracks or crevices. They are going to be much easier to clean than tile countertops that have grout in between each of them because you won't have to worry about scrubbing the grout out all of the time. You can also clean them without the use of any special cleaners or tools because a wash cloth and warm water will work just fine. 

Beautiful Designs 

While the options for laminate countertops used to be considered to look "cheap," this is no longer the case. There are now several different laminate designs that are made to look like gorgeous stone, such as marble. Some people who look at your countertops may not even realize that your countertops are not actually made out of the material that your laminate was made to look like. You can also choose from several gorgeous colors that can compliment the walls, backsplash, flooring, and cabinets in your kitchen. This is going to allow you to get the look that you would like for your countertops, without breaking the bank.