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3 Cool Home Accents That Begin With Picture Frames

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Picture frames are something that can be hard to resist buying when you see them in a store, shop, or site; there are so many styles and uses for these inexpensive accents that they can be an excellent investment for your next DIY endeavor! Go ahead and buy picture frames but consider some unconventional ways to display and distinguish your frames when you get home.

  1. Fun Framed Family Tree

If you find a deal on frames, grab them; a photo family tree mural will require several to complete. First, choose the wall that you will create your mural on, and sketch, trace, or draw your bare-limbed tree; paint or stain as desired to form the branches that you will hang your framed photos from.

Other tips include:

  • Nest the frames in the spots that are imperfect or in problem areas to camouflage that section of the tree.
  • Paint your frames a common color or choose a similar style to create cohesion.
  • Print family photos on a home printer to put in each frame; consider a sepia-toned filter or black-and-white effect for a vintage style.
  • Mount your photos with Velcro tabs so that they can easily be changed, moved, or modified, and so you won't need to search for wall-studs when hanging.
  1. Something That Reflects You

Use your frame for something that reflects you; embellish and frame a piece of cut mirrored-glass. This will be a customized accent that is perfect for a mirror in the bedroom, bathroom, or even home office. Use glue or a hot-glue gun to secure buttons, gems, crystals, or other trinkets to the mirror's frame for pizzazz.

  1. Kitschy Way to Keep Time

Keep time with a creative wall clock made from favorite framed photos; simply choose the framed photos that will serve as 12-o-clock, 3-o-clock, 6-o-clock, and 9-o-clock. Secure these to the wall and mount a conventional clock kit on a piece of cardboard that you frame in the center (no glass).  As the hands in the center move, they will point toward the corresponding picture telling time in a unique way!

Picture frames also make an excellent all-occasion gift that can be customized at a moment's notice, so consider this when shopping for others. If you have a few frames lying around, try one of these three ideas to bring something different to your décor. For more information, contact a hobby store that has picture frames for sale.