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Trying To Make Your Living Room More Nautical? Home Accessory Ideas For You

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If you are trying to go for more of a nautical theme in your living room, you may be focused on changing the big things in the room like the wall colors and the furniture. However, home accessories play a big role in making a space fit a particular theme or design. When you are looking to go for the nautical look, there are many different home accessory options to consider that will enhance your interior design scheme. Get to know a few of the home accessories that can give your living room a nautical appeal. Then, you can get to shopping for your home accessories right away. 

Choose Nautical Lamps

The lighting in your room can enhance the nautical theme of your space. There are lamps, for example, with lanterns for the base or with anchors as a base. These lamps will tie in nicely with the nautical theme without being overly assuming or too over the top. 

The lantern base lamps are especially nice, as they can often be used in multiple ways. The lantern at the base can light up for soft lighting in your living room while the top light can be used when you want the space to be brighter. This versatility is a nice addition to a nautical living room. 

Opt for Sea-Themed Wall Art

The wall art you choose in your nautical living room should match the theme. So, go with sea- or ocean-themed wall art.

A beautiful original painting or print of a sailboat at sea is one great option to consider. Alternatively, you could use an actual ship wheel as decor as well. You could even go with an anchor theme and choose a painted wood or metal mock anchor as your wall decor. 

Do not go too overboard on wall decor for your nautical theme, though. Keep it somewhat sparse to create just one or two focal points. Nautical spaces are often not too busy, which serves to mimic the openness and vastness of the sea. 

Get a Model Ship

Of course, no nautical space is complete without a model ship (in a bottle or not). These model ships or sailboats are a great way to tie the whole space together and bring in a truly nautical feel to the space. 

Choose a model ship to display on an end table or a bookshelf that is large enough to be noticed but not so assuming that it takes over. This little touch will just serve to be the piece that brings all aspects of the space together. 

Now that you know some of the home accessories to get to make your living room more nautical, you can get to shopping as soon as possible.