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Why Should You Add Flex Rooms To Your Home Design?

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When designing their new home, more and more homeowners are opting for a modern space in their floor plan known as a flex room. What is a flex room and why should you include one? Here are a few things you should know. 

What Is a Flex Room?

A flex room is a room inserted into the floor plans of a home that has no set, predetermined usage. It often has a door and is completely enclosed, but it may not be. When the plan doesn't include a door, it's often considered more of a flex space.

This room can be any size you wish, but it generally comes with no built-in elements like closets or cabinetry. It's usually placed on the main floor in the public areas, but some homeowners add some flex space to each floor for future use. 

Why Add a Flex Room?

You have several good reasons to add a flex room into your layout.

First, it acknowledges the fact that no one can foretell the future and how your housing needs might change. You might start a family and end up using it as an extra bedroom. Or you might start a business or become a remote worker, and what you will need is a home office. Or the way you entertain might change and you want more space to host friends and family. A flex room is an easy solution for all these changes. 

The second reason to add flex rooms is that they add value for future buyers. Today's home buyers like houses that allow them to customize things to their own needs, and the flex room is the ultimate expression of this. Your home will appeal to a larger group of buyers, offering the chance at a better price if you decide to sell later. 

Finally, the flex room takes the burden off new homeowners to make every decision at this stage of the game. You don't have to select how to use every inch of your home; instead, you can leave some decisions for the future. After living with your home layout for months or years, you'll be in a much better position to make more decisions about what you really need or want. 

Where Can You Start?

Talk to your new home designer about the possibility of earmarking a flex space in your design. Because it has few inherent limitations, this space can be placed just about anywhere you want and be as large or as small as you wish. Your home designer can help you determine just the right way to include it. Learn more about this modern amenity today.