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Designing A Minimalist Office With Worker Concentration In Mind

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Office design is often set up to be usable and navigable for the average worker. This means cubicles or desks placed around the office along with the necessary electronics in each place. Interior design is not generally thought of as a focal point when setting up an office. Worker concentration can often depend on how well the office is set up. The design of the office has a lot to do with how successful the workplace can be. Here are some methods for designing a minimal office that focuses on worker concentration and increasing performance.  

Use flat tables that feature electrical plugs

Flat tables, especially flat glass tables are perfect for offices. Glass tables are easy to clean in case of coffee or water spills, and generally do not receive as much wear and tear as wood or plywood desks. Glass is also a good material for desks that hold electronics, as the glass material provides proper airflow. One of the features that any good, minimalist office desk should provide is electrical plugs. This eliminates the need for electrical cords to be run throughout the office. It also gets rid of sunken time that employees spend looking for an electrical outlet to plug in computers, phones, and other work materials.

Floating shelves with some plants

Nice greenery does not have to be exclusive to the outside. Above all desks, install a floating shelf that features one plant. If you only have a few workers at your company, allow each person to select a plant that they prefer above their desk. If you have a large office, select several hypoallergenic plants to place on each floating shelf. Be sure that the shelves can handle a decent amount of weight, as this can be the perfect place to hold small printers or items such as photographs or filing shelves. 

Go for more pictures and fewer words

Artwork may not be at the forefront of your mind when decorating an office, but the artwork and art displays make it easier to focus. Items that have too many words on display can clutter the mind and make it difficult to stay on task. Abstract art, paintings, and interactive art in the form of fountains or Zen gardens are perfect for display use. Pops of color around a minimalist office provide stimulation for the brain and promote creativity. If you install digital artwork via a television frame, you can allow workers to have input on what artwork is displayed by having them vote on uploaded digital displays for the week. 

Find a furniture store near you to browse through office furniture that can help with concentration.